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This Armpit Detoxifying Mask is the perfect way to speed up your body's natural detoxification process when switching to natural deodorants or to just give your armpits a good refreshment. When you switch from a typical antiperspirant deodorant to a natural aluminum free one your body tries to resume normal function by releasing built-up sweat, aluminum, and bacteria - all at once! Since your body has not been able to release bacteria and toxins for however long, you might develop an odor and/or develop a rash when you switch deodorants. Just for a short time though! Once your body eliminates the built-up toxins you will be stink free and healthy! A typical detox period is around 2 weeks. This detox mask speeds up that process and helps your body detox quicker.

Made with only 100% natural ingredients:

-Bentonite & Kaolin Clay to clean pores, pull out built up toxins, reduce odor, and improve circulation

-Activated Charcoal to detox skin, draw out bacteria, eliminate odor, and lighten dark spots

-Apple Cider Vinegar to lighten & soften the skin, kill bacteria, eliminate odor, and draw toxins out

-Tea Tree Essential Oil to kill bacteria and eliminate odor