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Miracle Mask Is BACK & better than ever all the real OG'S know this mask is the truth well guess what it is now in POWDER FORM with all the same benefits. Active ingredients TUMERIC, RAW POTATO, HONEY, & CBD! This mask is the answers to your prayers. Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? Acne? Under eye circles? Or more?

Green Machine Mask is the miracle mask on STEROIDS! This mask is the answers to your prayers. Do you suffer from dry skin? Is your skin dehydrated? This mask restored many vitamins that are lost on a daily basis. Major ingredients are Tumeric, Spinach, Alfafa, & Moringa!

Masks now come in powder form giving you the flexibility to mix with aloe vera juice, purified water, or rose water still available at the same great low price. DO NOT MIX MASKS WITH MILK!!

Take a teaspoon of your powder into a bowl mix into a paste with your choice of water, aloe vera juice, or rose water take a facial brush to rub onto your face. Mask for 10-15 mins (Steam Optional) Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water pat dry & follow up with moiturizer & spf!

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